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Jack N Jill


Established in 1949, Jack N’ Jill Kids is now sold in more than 50 countries. Our all-natural, safe if swallowed toothpaste is perfect for little ones along with our Biodegradable Toothbrushes. With a Natural Bathtime range, Sunscreen and Hand Sanitisers.

The Natural Family Co


NFco is all about delivering a natural, effective and stylish toothbrushing experience using the highest grade natural ingredients. The toothpaste tastes like and works just like a traditional toothpaste – but it’s NATURAL! With 4 differnet variants to choose from as well as a BLAK Charcoal whitening toothpaste – all with 25% Xylitol! The Toothbrushes and packaging are zero waste with biodegradable handles and packaging made from corn. The Natural Mouthwash with native Australian Rivermint is Alcohol free and works as a natural and effective oral cleanser. Best of all – it’s suitable for the whole family!

Cherub Baby


Cherub Baby is one of Australia’s favorite feeding brands offering safe and innovative products to our valued customers! The popular Thermosensor Breast Milk Bags are a favourite among breast-feeding Mums to store and freeze breast milk in a 100% BPA Free storage pouch. Try the BPA free reusable Ice Pop Pouches for home made Ice Blocks and On the Go Reusable Food Pouches for home made baby food! You can also attach our On The Go Food Pouch Spoons to your pouches for no mess, no fuss!

Kiddo Feedo


Kiddo Feedo is dedicated to making life easier for parents of small children by offering convenient, safe and innovative feeding products of the highest quality.

All their products are made of premium quality food-grade silicone which is naturally bacteria, odor and stain resistant. It is free of any BPA’s, BPS, PVC, phthalates, lead, latex, nitrosamines and other nasties that can leach into baby’s food.



Lifefactory fuses a modern design sensibility, healthy materials, eco-friendly composition and exceptional utility to produce a full line of Safe, Simple and Smart products. Safe: we rely on trusted core materials such as glass and silicone and manufacture responsibly in the U.S. and Europe. Simple: all products are easy to use and dishwasher safe – no instruction manuals needed. Smart: functional reusable products come together to form a complete and elegant everyday system.